Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Armed Civilians Review

This is going to be my first real write up about figures and hopefully real useful information for those of interest, so bare with me.

Armed Civilians from Old Glory UK http://www.oldgloryuk.com/ under the 15mm modern range.

Photo from Old Glory UK

Okay so I inquired around about these guys and no one seemed to be able to give me much on any details about them, so I ordered a set to see how they are for myself. I thought that they would become very useful in many gaming areas.

Cost; 11 British Pounds,  about $24 in US Dollars in all which included the shipping cost, for fifty figures (50), a nice deal there.

Shipping; Ten days from order to delivery, from the UK to the Midwest of the US. Nice and fast

Poses; Ten different poses, and it is a mix in the numbers of each that you may receive,
  • five (5) poses with AKs,
  • one (1) pose with rifle with sight,
  • one (1) pose with LMG,
  • one (1) pose with RPG,
  • one (1) pose with shoulder fire ground to air missile launcher
  • one (1) pose throwing Molotov Cocktail

Molding; Very little to no flash at all some lite molding lines but very easy to clean up, bottom of the bases may need some lite filing or sanding. The details are nice as well just hard to see in the photos

Comparison to other figures.

OG UK,   Splinter Light,   OG UK,   GZG,   OG UK

Game uses;
Post Apocalyptic Survivors/Gangs
Zombie Survivors
Street Gangs
Modern Pirates
Militias (from most anywhere around the world)

Future plans; Some head swaps and weapon swaps for a greater look in diversity. Will be getting heads for swapping out from Peter Pig http://www.peterpig.co.uk/ under Heads and Odds and weapons from MJ Miniatures http://mjfigures.co.uk/ in the 15mm range accessories. Green Stuff for adding pouches, nap sacks, bandoleers and bed rolls. These will be a later post so keep watching for them. .

Finial Note; I am very pleased with them and can't wait to get around to them and get them into the games
I would recommend them for anyone interested in gaming in the areas I have mentioned above.

I hope anyone interested in them will find my findings helpful

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just an Update

Work has been a bear here lately with not much time to do anything else, but some day dreaming, putting 10  plus hours in a day, not counting for travel time. The checks are looking good so I am able to get a large amounts of miniatures as I go but other then that nothing much else. The added side is I only have another 45 days of this schedule to go. it's all adding up for me to get my own Gaming Room!

Plus getting ready for the BIG MOVE!  I can't wait for that to be done as well, I'll have my own Gaming Room OH JOY!!

So things are getting packed up, when I'm not working, the plus is I'll be getting my own Gaming Room!

Oh did I mention after this is all said and done I'll be having my own Gaming Room.