Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Armed Civilians

Okay so the last group of armed Civilians I did some time ago were from Old Glory UK. that set is armed with AK47s mostly and RPGs,

This group is from Peter Pig and they are armed with M16s, which is great for western world game play, they are not actually civilians they are Professional Special Forces without head gear. but with the right paint job can look the part. They are from Peter Pig's AK47 Republic range (Africa during the 60s 70s and 80s) A lot of great stuff there in that range well worth a look.

Cost; 2.90 British Pounds, about $4.44 in US Dollars not including the shipping cost, eight figures (8), a nice deal. I ordered two sets for a total of sixteen figures (16).

Shipping; Put my order in and was notified when shipped ten days from notification to delivery, from the UK to the Midwest of the US. with most of the east coast hammered with snow and storms nice and fast.

Now I did have a fair size order and will be writing about them later so breaking down shipping cost would be difficult. minimum shipping would be for just one item would be 4.50 British Pounds about $6.89 in US. Dollars. Of course the more you order the better you fair on shipping.

Poses;  3 different poses, order 2 packs each pack had the same mix of poses.

  • Advancing (3)
  • Kneeling (2)
  • Signaling (3)

Molding; Almost no flash at all, some lite molding lines but very easy to clean up, bottom of the bases may need some lite filing or sanding before mounting on a base, bases on these are rather small difficult standing them up as is but basing will fix that.

Game uses;
Post Apocalyptic Survivors/Gangs
Zombie Survivors
Street Gangs
Modern Pirates
Militias (from most anywhere around the world)

They will make for great Survivors for almost any game of Zombies, Post Apocalyptic situation, or even a militia group as suggested above, which I plan to use them for as listed above in my gaming.

As for the duplicate figure I figure a few head swaps with head gear, Green Stuff or anything else one could add to help change the looks.

Monday, February 9, 2015

More Cars Blocking the Way

Toob Toys makes a selection of kids toy sets of all kinds. The vehicles set I have seen in other poeples' games and blogs, so figured I must give them a try for my games as well. I have seen that some of the vehicles do not work at all with 15mm but a few do, so here is my findings.

You can get sets of these from Amazon or Ebay between 10 to 12 Dollars or pick them up at Micheals craft store for about the same.

I'm only going to talk about those in the set that will work for 15mm gaming.

Okay so the Police Car, Pickup Truck, Mustang and Delivery Van are just the right size.

I really like the looks of these, the bodies seems to be of a rigid rubbery material, and the chassis as well. A good repaint would make them look better.

Here are some repainted from Welcome to Lazarus blog

Photos are from Welcome to Lazarus

After seeing those I knew I had to have some myself, I compaired them to the 1/100 scale cars that I have and they will look good on the table.

I want to have more of the Police Car, Pickup Truck, and Delivery Truck. not sure if I would buy more of these sets just to have three vehicles out ot the set I'm leaning to just make molds of them and cast them. I want to have a few more Police cars and use the Delivery van and Pickup as support vehicles for the Police cars. I want a couple more Delivery vans for other uses UPS truck, Mail truck and other delivery trucks and what's wrong with having a handfull of pickup trucks.

But that all will have to wait for another day, will be moving the first of the month with any luck.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New Gaming Plan!

Well with the purchasing of a new house, Okay it's not a new house but it's new to Us. Means I have to review my gaming budget.

Eat in kitchen

Dining Room

Living Room looking into the Dining Room

Family Room

This will be my GAME ROOM!

The Bedroom count total is 3, Laundry Room/Mudroom, Full Basement, Detached Garage. New roof, new siding, new kitchen cabinets, new carpeting, and a new septic system and out building on 2 acres way out in the country. My Wife can now have her vegetable garden and chickens, if Mama ain't happy Nobody is happy! It's more then twice the size of our current living quarters.

And all for...... $68,000!!

In the Mean time;
With the cost of our new living arrangement, my plan is to get figures that can work in other gaming as well for now.
I really like the whole Zombie genera, movies, games and the likes. Zombie figures are just that zombies it's the survivors that are the real prize! many can be used in other games Sci-Fi games and Post Apocalypse games as well, and terrain works as the same.

With the new budget in place it will take longer for me to get around the the end plan but that's okay sometimes it the journey not the destination that's the fun!

Fear Not! I knew this day was coming and I thought out a lot of things that I can do and post even with a smaller budget, after all this is what this blog site is for GAMING ON A TIGHT BUDGET.