Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Silver Bayonet "The Deep Ones"

 The Deep Ones, from Khurasan Miniatures are a great set to have, they can be used in many of different game.

The "Deep Ones" are for the most part in H. P. Lovecraft's stories however, there are tales of Aquatic Humanoids, from around the world. 

The Green Clawed Beast of the Ohio River of 1955, where a woman was grabbed by an unseen creature, for which her friend helped her to get away. So, if they didn't see it then why do they call it the Green Clawed Beast? After her attack left a green clawed hand stain on her lower leg that took a few weeks to fade away. The kicker to this story is that exactly one week to the day 50 miles south an event unfolded that is known today as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case or as the Kelly Green Men Case.

The Thetis Lake Monster, Lake Thetis became a conservation area in Canada in 1958. In 1972 there was a report of a large humanoid lizard like creature to have been seen swimming in the area just a few days after that report, came another report of this creature having been seen. It is not known to have had aggressive interactions with humans. However, if it did? Would we ever know?

Lizard man of Scape Ore Swamp, In Lee County in South Carolina are reports of a Lizard Man or many others that maybe roaming the streams and swamps in this area with. It has been described as a large lizard like man with three webbed fingers for each hand, with scaly skin with either red or orange eyes. some reports state it has a short stumpy tail while other claim no tail at all. It is reported that it has caused a lot of damage to property to include that of vehicles as well.

The Kappa of Japan, a strange aquatic reptilian creature habiting the streams and rivers of Japan, that have a taste for Cucumbers and Human entrails. They are described as in small child like stature with turtle features as faces go and a turtle like shell body with long arms and legs with webbed hands and feet. It is said that it can retract one arm back into its shell allowing it to extend it other arm long increasing its reach. It has a weakness, it is said that they have a small bowl like feature on their heads that hold water, the weakness is if this water is spelled or dries up the become immobile.

In the far northern regions living in the ocean under the ice are the Qallupilluit, A humanoid creature with an ugly fish like face and bumpy skin with the smell of that like sulfur. These creatures are known as child snatchers. They lay and wait under the water of an ice-free beach by a village for a child a playing alone to come along and gets too close to the water's edge. It is said that they will follow a child under the ice stocking and knocking on the ice for a thin part of the ice that they can break through. They claim that that when you see the ice rolling as wave push to shore that the Qallupilluit is there also where the water of streams starts backing up due to the oceans water rising that they lurk under the water there.

You can find many tales of humanoid amphibians or even reptile one around the world. If you are traveling around the world check with the locals before taking a dip in the water, you might find the pool at the hotel to be a better idea.

Well, I think this the point where I show my paint work, I had done with Khurasan's "Deep Ones" These are great figures just a little weak in the ankle area.

I have more figures of Deep Ones to paint however I am going to paint them in a differently style. These will be great for terrorizing seaports and fishing villages or anyplace along a coast, they can be great for hiding out in a swampy area with a lake in the middle of the area.

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