Thursday, July 18, 2013

Building a Starship

I got the idea when surfing this site  and found a ship that was built for "Star Wars" using the larger figures for the Star Wars RPG games

This thing is 12 feet long!! Plus it's 2 feet wide

Used to play 28mm or a little larger scale for the Star Wars RGP figures

So why not build one that's for 15mm play action.

I can get a lot more stuff built into it and maybe add taller bulkheads for catwalks or maintenance corridors of sorts that runs down the middle the length of the ship.

Okay the plan is to make it almost as long and widen a section to 3 feet wide then another to 4 feet giving it more of a wedge look and with all sorts of gizmo's.

Using the same materials used in the description of the ship that inspired this project will mostly be the same, using luan, foam board, card stock and plastic card and lots of other odds and ends.

It will be built in sections for ease of setup, moving and storage.

looking forward to the Traveller games, Alien bug hunt, and others scenarios

The gathering of materials has begun

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