Thursday, April 27, 2017

Burt Gummer!

Here is Burt Gummer!

So the voting took place at "The Miniatures Page" and the Tan and Red won!

So I started with Peter Pigs heads with baseball caps.

Oh yeah and this guy From Highlanders Studios.

So I lobbed of the head of poor "Roger" the gun toting Survivalist. Bore a hole where the neck should be the make sure I had enough stem of the new head to insert into the hole with super glue.

 Add some paint and Ta Da  Burt Gummer!

Okay so it doesn't really look like Burt Gummer more like Nintendo's Mario or younger Jesse Ventura. 

This is to show that you can change figures and with the right paint work you can make any character you want for the your gaming needs. 

Have fun with your figures like I have, I hope to others and their work too.   

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tiles for Gaming

Okay I have been doing a lot of brain storming to come up with a nice looking interior for sci-fi games and zombie games, my main problem with all my experiments is the walls, they are all just in the way. You can't have hallways narrow enough to look right and yet be able to get one's fat fingers in to move your figures around.

But if you go with what is known as 2.5 dungeon tiles which is for most part just out lining a room with a strip of cardboard or foam board, to better give you an idea or illusion of walls in the example shown below. Now and advantage to these are that you can pack a lot of them in and small box. The disadvantage is they are not stack able so you can't do multi story.

 Example from Crooked Staff blog.

One could do them as space tiles, for ship deck plans as well you, you just have to give them a more of a Sci-fi feel or look as it would be.

Now the next good idea is to use the 2 wall principle, basically you use a 6x6 inch tile and put two walls up in the outer edge and no two walls will go back to back of each other. The draw back is there no narrow corridors and non stack able. I guess one could make corridors of some sorts if they really feel the need for them maybe to connect to separate sections of a port together but again you have only one level to work with.

Example from Tiny Solitary Soldiers Blog.

So I was looking forward on doing something on the same lines as these for a working spaceport.

Until I found this!

Now this is the best idea that I have seen by far is at Warchest blog he came up with a great concept by just adding an extra "L" shape wall in the opposite corner make them stack able for multi story buildings, you can see more of his stuff here . You can see just how wild you can go with this total concept.

So here you can see the basic set up

Here you can see the added corners I highlighted, you still have ease of movement with ones fat fingers like mine! You can also see the roof tops in the lower right of this photo.

Here you can see it all with the roofs on and they are stack able you can also see advertisement signs too. This is an awesome idea!

Here you can see what can be a busy down town street.

So this is the look that I'm going to shoot for, minus the printing I pretty sure My Wife will not understand the wasting of paper and ink for such a project. I am pretty much going have to paint mine all and all.

I have Foam core board, card stock and the paints I'm pretty sure I can come up with something really good. 

So I'm going to make two sets one for all my Zombie games homes and shops and one for all my Sci-Fi games mostly Spaceport stuff. I will post everything as fast as I can when I'm finished.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Burt Gummer Vote

Okay so I'm getting ready to do a head swap with this figure,

With heads from Peter Pig that are a new item wearing baseball caps! Now the question is not whether  are not to do the head swap that's going to happen, but what color of cap to give him afterwards.

Which of the Atlanta Hawks ball caps do I go with?

Do I go white with the red lettering?

Or do I go with the tan with the red lettering from the original move!

And the there is the white cap with the red bill and red lettering?

So I have a week off from work coming up and to which I plan to do a lot of hobby work this being one of many. Myself, I'm leaning towards  the tan and red I'm just curious  as to others opinions .