Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Road is Blocked!

The Road is blocked by dozens of cars!

HO or 1/100 scale cars work well in 15mm range, and if you need a few cars for your game then this is the route one needs to go, You can get a very large number of HO Scale cars on Ebay, from 50 to 100 cars and vans from $15.00 to $20.00 more then enough to block your roads with traffic jams.

I found that Match Box Cars and Hot Wheels Cars were just to big, the Trucks seem okay and work well.

Plus at that cost you can simulate that some are damaged, in one form or another being plastic with some heat you can create the damage.

I bought a group of 50 for just under $15, and plan to buy more. You can see comparison pictures below with figures.

I have seen lots of Zombie games, Post Apocalyptic games and Modern games pictures posted here and there and only a very few seemed to have a lot of vehicles in them, in our day and age it's seems very hard to walk down a city street with coming across dozens of cars and I just what to replicate that look and feel.

Shown with Rebel Minis Civilian Figures

Plus nothing gets your pulse going like seeing your "Heroes" trying to get down a street crowded with cars slowing down their escape! That's right "Surviving the Concrete and Steel Jungle!"

Flash might a little bright OOPS!

City Traffic.

Traffic Jam.

Hard to get across the street during regular traffic problems now add zombies!

Easy to break down to three sections.




You can see from the break down of the vehicle that one can make wrecks fairly easy. remove the glass and file down the tires and some paint you can have burned out vehicle

I hope this helps those still wondering if they should or not get a set or more, and help set the idea for some interesting tables as well, I would highly suggest getting some. I looking at getting more, Mini Vans and some other Vehicles.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Flying the Galactic Jerks Airlines!

After seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy, I knew I had to set up my own group of Guardians, so first up was to get my set of heroes so I went to Highlanders Studio who has a set named "The Galactic A-Holes" Their not painted yet still waiting to relocate to a new house.

Stepping out from the shadows of the Galaxy

The Galactic Jerks!

These figures are great If you don't have a set you should get Them! With Great figure they need something more!

I know they would need a ship or two so I then searched out "Milano" the ships name in the movie, and an additional ship would be nice too.



As luck would have it Hasbro makes one, in fact they made four of them but I'm only interested in two of them.

Thinking one ship would be nice but two ships would be better so "Raccoon Warbird" seem like a nice fit to the plan. Again Hasbro makes this as well!

So I pick them up from here and there for the best deals and here they are! Scale wise the seem to be almost dead on for 15mm

Here is the "Milano"

Here is the "Warbird"

The two together

The Milano is a bit bigger then the Warbird but the both really look good together, Now neither ship is painted for gaming as of yet and of course you don't have to use them for a Galaxy game they could be used for other games as well and could be used for 28mm as well.

Now If you Don't get the figure you should get yourself the ships!

Next up "GAMING!"

This group will fly the Galaxy treasure hunting, Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor "Themselves" and where ever else their flight will take them!