Thursday, October 10, 2013

Strange Bedfellows

Seems out here in space on the the far edges of humanity strange things happen and where one can make a few extra credits. Is to have a detachment of Imperial Marines as passengers on your ship. For a Four year term, you ferry them from place to place, along your trade routes and the empire pays their passage.

The great thing is you have a steady flow of credits coming in and you still go on with your daily business moving on from planet to planet and from station to station conducting your own trades. The empire pays for the housing and meals of the squad plus extra expenses. Extra hands to help out if you need them and nothing like having a detachment of Marines to cover your back as well

The first year having them aboard is a little iffy, not sure as to who they really are. Second year things loosen up a bit as both you, your crew and the detachment start to know each other, third year things roll much better and the forth year you almost can't do anything wrong in fact they help so they can make a few credits on the side.
Drawback is from time to time you have to delay your shipment depending on what the Marines uncovered or investigating from time to time when your on some planet on the edge of nowhere. during such moments from time to time you can make
something extra on the side on those events too and your ship starts to get a name for itself as well, making some deals on cargo a little difficult, if you know what I mean.

The pros and cons balance themselves out and the extra credits flowing in is good, and added benefit is as well is you can get moved up in line for ship repairs and parts if and when you need them and a good part of that is covered by the empire. Seems it is cheaper to do business in this way then it is to buy, build and maintain a large fleets, when you can contract out smaller ships to have a further reach out the to outer rims.

Detachment break down;
1 Senior Officer
1 Junior Officer
1 Communications Specialist
1 Tech Specialist
1 Medic
1 Senior NCO
2 Squad Leaders
4 Fire Teams of four Marines each

Oh the adventures one will have

Friday, October 4, 2013

All Things Zombie

I just received in the mail today the rules "All Things Zombie Final Fade Out" thanks to my loving wife, I've heard a lot about it and really want to give it a good whirl.
Giving it a quick look over the rules seem simple enough can't wait to dig into them more and get my first game going to better understand them.
Yes, while others plan for the zombie plague,
 I'll be rehearsing my plans on my military sandtable.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Miniature Arrivals

RAFM recently had a 35% off sale and I, like may others got in on this sale. Of course I jumped all over the 15mm Sci-fi range, I  just got them a few days ago. I feel shipping was rather quick due to the size of my order and the nature of the sale.

So here's what I received (all images are from RAFM's site)

War Hounds of Sirius

Car Leonis Warriors

Dracos Warriors

Space Vixens

Space Pirates


Space Crew

Support Staff

Insolani Squad
Now I did order more the just one of  some and just one of others. After some time of looking at them closely I really like the style and see that I have to do very little clean up before painting, I know I'm going to enjoy them very much, and I would recommend them for others as well, I can't wait for things to start slowing down as work goes, so that I can get right down to painting them.... and get around to gaming with them!
If your a Traveller fan and need or want miniatures for your Traveller world then RAFM is the site to go to.