Monday, May 19, 2014

One Year!!

One Year Anniversary, WOW!

Things started off a little slow but I feel I'm picking up the steam, and starting to get some really nice post on here. I truly hope I can do justice for everyone who has visited this blog.

For those who are following this blog I just want to say Thank You.

Postings will be a little slow for now due to work reasons, and a move to a new place is in the works with a bonus of having a gaming room with a work station, where I can be more productive!

Stay Tune! I have a lot of projects literally on the drawing board, and  I have lots of resources for them and more coming in for all of them

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pipe Fittings From Wire

So I had this idea, that one could make piping for terrain objects to give them more life.

I picked up some 14 gage solid wire in white, you can use other colors but I just thought white would work for this project. You can also buy this kind of wire by the foot at most hardware stores.

I wanted my PVC pipe caps to look more like storage tanks then just plain old painted lumps on the table. using the two caps I want to use, on uncut Plexiglas to determine the size of the base then marked it out plus the placement of the caps so I have a starting point to work from

I then hand drilled the holes to receive the wire in the first cap and drilled matching holes in the base.

I then used a wire striping tool to strip the wire first (DO NOT TOSS THIS  AWAY), only doing this to a section of wire that I need going about this a little at a time.

I then bend the wire making an elbow as to where the wire will be inserted in to the cap, and then dry fit it to the base trimming of any extra wire to fit.

Now I take the wire covering that I striped away and cut it into little sections with an X-acto knife

I then slide these tiny sections back on to the wire to the locations that I feel to look right.

I repeat this process working from one end to the other everything is dry fitted until I have everything in place then I will glue it all down.

So here's how it looks so far with a figure.
I will glue other little bits and pieces to add more life to this, small squares for electrical boxes and smaller gage wire as electrical conduit, using a hole punch and some plastic stock sheeting I'll make a couple of access covers, then with a  very small hole punch, I'll punch out a few smaller disks, and they will go around the edges of the covers to give it more of a bolts or rivets look.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Storage Tanks (Update 1)

Okay I posted the idea of using PVC pipe caps as Storage Tanks, and at the time just showed a picture of some cap. Now I have add a little time I wanted to post some pictures comparing size with a figure.

So here we go.

1/2 inch PVC cap.
3/4 inch PVC cap.
1 inch PVC cap.
Group shot.
So I picked up all 8 of these caps up for just under four dollars, and with just a little work, these are going to look really great when I'm done.
So I hope this idea will add to your table just be careful some storage tanks have a thing about going boom when shot at.