Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life at Home

Been busy working around the house trying to get everything settled in, still unpacking boxes, redoing the living room walls and entrance way, planning  and gathering materials for a 12 foot wide built in bookcase at one end of the living room, sanding down and refinishing furniture, setting up a seedling growing station with grow lights to get ready for this years garden beds, and planning plant locations for permanent fruit plants and trees to include grapes.

So Yes! I have been a busy monkey around here!

Just to give you an idea of a small section of an 8 foot doorway.

Not so clear of a picture and the tree just came down

So I haven't had much time for anything for most part for gaming but I do have some ideas and some plans in my head waiting to hit the paper and the tables.

So I hope to have something on here soon for gaming in the meantime keep rolling those bones!