Monday, April 21, 2014

Pipes (Update)

Okay I went and picked up a pack of the blue and the yellow splice connectors and put them together, so far I'm only dollars into this project.

Here are the red ones again

Here are the blue ones.

Here are the yellow ones.

Now here they are all together.

These are going to look great on the gaming table in what ever game I play and I hope to see them on other gaming tables.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Roll out the Barrels

Always on the lookout for ways to fill in objects, for duck and cover and adding to the battlefield or to fill that warehouse, shipping yard or cargo hold

Checking out the price of metal barrels in 15mm range and the cost of HO scale ones, you only get a small handful for under 10 dollars, With myself wanting to get so many, then seeing the size of a wood dowel and unless you look really close why not make barrels from the dowels, painted in the normal colors of barrels the blue, red, green, and black, your eyes and brain will fill in the details plus you can make a lot of barrels from just one 36 inch would dowel for just under a dollar.


So I picked up one size 3/16 of an inch in diameter, one that I would think will work for the standard size barrel then cut into sections of 5/16 on an inch.

Got out my X-Acto miter box, back saw, pencil, and steel rule and started cutting some out.


Here is a comparison picture a metal 15mm one that I have bought and the wood one I have made.

Set of four barrels on their base you can sand them down to look even on top

For barriers glue them together on a base add some railroad gravel or sand to the tops as dirt, paint and done. Here their a little uneven which has a great look for a hasty roadblock or barrier.

Now that is a lot of barrels for most any idea or terrain, use them for road blocks, industrial sites, or warehouses, space ports and more.

So roll out the Barrels we're going to have us some fun!

Wait to see what's to come.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Small Terrain Objects Bases

For my gaming table I like a lot of little terrain pieces for duck and cover, and lets face it, most anywhere you go there is lots of stuff around to duck and cover and I can add lots of little bits in a hurry I mount them on Plexiglas that I get at my hardware place, 8 by 10 inch piece and less the 2mm thick for around 3 dollars and as a small sheet much easier to store and  handle then I can cut down to size as needed, you can cut it down to 1x1 inch, 2x2 inch fairly much any size dimension you want or need.

In addition I like to use this product because I don't need a saw of any kind, and no saw dust, I do end up with shavings that are easy to clean up.

All you need is a straight edge metal guide, rule, a marking pen and a Plexiglas cutter.

You can get a cutter like this one at almost any hardware store. As you can see this one is a little on the old side but still works for me.

Mark out the size you want, lay your straight edge guide on your marks, press down firmly and the drag the cutter towards you carefully following along the straight edge.

You need to make a few passes going both directions to insure you get to the edges at both ends of your cut  before you attempt to snap it off.

Once done clean the edges with an emery board, I like to use the ones you would use for finger nails and now your ready to move on to the next step, mounting your objects to the new bases.

I like to sit down and cut most of my general sizes I use all at once, that way I have stacks of bases ready to use.

Eight bases 20mm x 30mm.

Other things about Plexiglas it will not warp takes glues and paint well, plus any left over sizes or odd sizes you can use for your buildings' exteriors or other objects.

This is how I base my small terrain objects and I hope you find this useful have fun gaming.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pipe Pile

Saw an electrical fitting to connect to ends of automotive wire together and I hit me Pipes, these things would be great for making pipe piles sitting in the shipping yard or set in long rows waiting to be installed.

You can get them in three different sizes, they could be for your water, sewer or gas or just what ever, you can make up sets of them and have laying about in your industrial areas.

I just picked up the red pack for now and I really like how they look.

Laying about.
 Stacked waiting shipment or installation.
Now of course they could be used for other things and You can get a pack of 10 for under 2 dollars.
I think they are going to work just fine for the shipping yard or just about any terrain you put them on.

So have fun and lay some pipe.