Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Ventures

I'm getting ready to dive into a new area of gaming for me "Pulp" gaming, you can find the rules and more here , I have heard a lot of a gaming system called "Pulp Alley", to which you make leagues, Hero, Side Kick, Ally and Followers. Based on a point system for building your league plus special abilities.

Photo from "Pulp Alley"

I love the idea of playing out such plots you may have seem in some of your favorite movies or read in your favorite pulp adventure books. I'm also looking forward to building all kinds of terrain for it as well, from jungles to pyramids, looking for treasure or foiling the bad guys plans, or investigating things that go bump in the night.

The challenge for myself is there is a lot of stuff out there for those who play in the 28mm range for myself I will be playing it in the 15mm range and will be enjoying the hunt for all the figures and vehicles to be used in play. For which I will post every location i find for pulp gaming in the 15mm range here and compile a list here for those who may be interested.

My first set of miniatures for pulp gaming are coming from Brigade Games they only have two set of figure in 15mm one set has eight figures and the other has four which I have both on the way as of the moment. I will post them when they come in.

Saturday, September 20, 2014



Okay so I was cruising the thrift store when  I spied this S.H.I.E.L.D. Helocarrier still new and in the box and thought  (cue Music) "OH Yeah, Bomp Bomp"


Okay this would make for a great center piece of terrain for any gaming table.

Now this thing is big in fact for a gaming table it huge! It's just over 3 feet long! My ideas are for RPG games, but could also be used for table to war gaming as well.

Now you can see from the pictures below that it will need a lot of conversion work to be done. Plus to give you a better idea of it's size all the figures on the main deck are Khurasan's Ship Crew and those on the cutting mat a figures and vehicles.

I didn't add all the little parts just the main stuff

It's really big

Main deck

Main deck and tower

Side view lots of room underneath it

Middle of main deck

Rear main deck

Rear landing gear

Front landing gear

Front nose area

One of many bucket style catwalks

Vehicle on main deck

Almost as big as the coffee table!

Now I think it needs a large box cargo holding area on it's under belly, just to give it the appearance that it can hold a lot of cargo or vehicles, plus some sort of engine area in the rear of it again this is only to give the look of just being big and maybe another level added to the upper deck with sectioned off  rooms and alike with a removable roof,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twilight 2000 Figures

Twilight 2000 RPG game.

I enjoy playing even if it is an Old School kind of game, I like the break sometimes from the far future Sci-Fi games, and the Zombie games, Plus I like the world gone to hell in a hand basket kind of game, no electric, fuel on the very short side, foraging for food, supplies, equipment, and weapons and ammo and trying to keep it all, plus working to a sort of a point to rebuild a life and venturing out to make it all happen.

Again I have always had fun playing this game and as I moved from paper and pencil to more figures I'm always on the lookout for more figures.

Here are some great places for such figure that are great for gaming with.

Fighting 15s Models carries a few really good ones of Oddzial Osmy at the Sci-fi section check out the Insurgents.

Old Glory of the UK. Has armed civilians under their 15mm range in the modern section. As with Old Glory of the US

Rebel Minis has a section of modern troops, their African soldiers would work very well for many gaming situations.

Another great place is Peter Pig miniatures as well a rather large range in the AK47 section.

Now of course they all carry a wide range of modern soldiers too that can be use as well, as well as many other companies not mentioned.

QRF miniatures carries a large line of modern vehicles.

Irishserb's Miniatures has a nice selection of vehicles as well though the line is small they are some really nice models and priced well too.

MJ Figures handle a nice range of modern weapons great for making supply points, or weapons shops in small towns

This is just a small list of sites, that I feel that have lots of great potential for miniature gaming for Twilight 2000 if this is a game for you.

Thanks for reading.