Sunday, May 31, 2015

Barge Town Update #1

Haven't had much time due to work but plugging away at it with what time I do have.

I did manage to make a couple of gangways and a floating docks

Here's a few pictures of the gangways that would be used to move from barge to barge

This one is just made of square wood stick and coffee stir sticks

This one is made from square wood sticks a section of window screen and cereal box card board, the screen is sandwiched between the wood and the card board, I first made the wood frame then traced the outline of it to the cardboard then cut that out, then just sandwiched it all together.

Wood round dowel used as floats and coffee stir sticks as planking make for the floating dock in the middle ground between the boat and the barge

That's the small stuff for now but have been working on a flat bottom river boat!

The main body is foam core board the basically skinned with card board from a cereal box. As you can guess from the picture I plan to make a couple more river boats.

Here's a shot of the wheel house.

The river boat will work out great not just for this project but for other games as well.

Okay that's all I have for now but still plugging away.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Land of Dinosaurs

Okay I think this is another great find for gaming. cursing the store again this time Wal-Mart and this caught my eye and I then thought YES! These will be great for many types of games,

If you want to play a Jurassic Park, Land of the Lost, Lost world, or Mystery Island even Cave Man type games in 15mm scale these are the ticket!

You get a lot of Dinosaurs for just under $5 Dollars, 101 pieces mostly Dinosaurs with trees, plants, and some fencing. Yes they are plastic but with the proper prepping, washing, basing and priming before painting the will be great

I will be basing these monsters using the basing system that I have post earlier using Plexiglas as the base. Can't have them falling over every time your trying to out run them!

There are a couple that come in two sizes.

Pictures and comparison to figures.

I can wait to really get around to them and get them in the gaming but I have other project in line ahead of them.

So for those of you into Pulp Gaming I hope you find them very useful.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Welcome to Barge Town

Okay, I have had this project sitting there in the back of my mind driving me crazy! I have had this idea for a long time inspired from those at The Miniatures Page and that is to build a town built on barges, for "End of World" type games.

The concept is to make the barges out of 1" x 4" cut to 12" lengths, these would be the base of the town, I will then skin them with cereal box card board and paint. The rest of the town itself will be mostly shanties built on the deck of the barges.

Made these from a 1" x 4" board cut 12" long at a 45 degree angel with my circular saw

Here are photos with a 15mm figure to give one an idea of there size.

One nice thing I can to find out is that I can move them around and make different layout so there could be more then just one Barge Town.

Pardon the photos didn't turn out so well but gives you the idea of different layouts

I plan to use these in a Global Warming game were the water levels raised some couple hundred feet, Barge Town is one such place were people came to for survival.

Plan to make a couple more from 1" x 6" as well, cut to 12" as well.

Water gaming table, Islands and Boats will be coming soon as well!

I hope this helps to inspire your gaming!