Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Engineering Clutter

Here again playing in the plumbing department some of the same part used in my earlier post for engines can also be used for storage tanks for on your ship as well.

Okay so these are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch  and a couple of 2 inch plumbing parts, these are all threaded parts that have the raise ridges of a better look.

One could also use them for other areas. Dress them up with some wire as piping and plumbing, some small panels here and there and I think they would look great.

Here I'm using them with the engines for a large looking engine room.

Engineering Room.
Now the parts in the upper right corner can also be used and a small engine as well for a small shuttle or something and seen below.

Now there are some other items added for more clutter.

The blue thing is a wall anchor.

Cap from a toothpaste style chalking tube.

House hold electrical connector.

Cat 5 electrical connector as a computer. 

A whole bank of computers.
You can get a pack of 25 for about $10

Here is just shot from different angles of would be engineering room.

I hope this has given you lots of ideas. Many of these items can be used for other terrain ideas as scattered items at a spaceport, crash site or other parts of your ship.

When these things are all dressed up with wire and plastic card for panels and other bits and bobs they are going to look great when all painted.

I know I have enjoyed sharing these ideas.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Scotty! I need more Power!

Aye Captain, I'm givin ya all the power she's got! Okay so I was tinkering around in the plumbing department at My local hardware store,when I came across all of these plumbing parts.

1 inch PVC parts.

1/2 inch PVC parts.

I then noticed if they were laid out in a certain combination of  parts they look like Spaceship engines. then it came to me that these would be great for the engines.

These I think would work great for smaller ships.

1/2 inch PVC Parts with 1 steel pipe nipple.

1/2 inch PVC Parts with 1 steel pipe nipple.

Now for some of the larger parts I had to use a cut off section of  1 inch PVC pipe in order to connect them together.

These I thought would work for a larger ship. You can make two versions using all the same parts just in a different order.

Version 1 using 1 inch PVC parts.

Version 2 using 1 inch PVC parts.

Together I think they all would work for added debris around spaceports as scrap metal or as cargo waiting for transportation.

My idea of a larger engine room. Or just scattered remains of a crashed ship of sorts.

So I will need to add bobs and bits to dress them up but over all I really think they will turn out great.

So I hope this will help all you Sci-fi gamers and I think that they would do well with 28 mm miniatures as well