Friday, September 27, 2013

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Another area of gaming I like is Zombie games of all kinds. Board games, tabletop game to RPG games. Not to mention all the Zombie movies I love to watch as well.

Currently I'm working on getting all the things together to do a RPG Zombie tabletop campaign game.

So here's the beginning, you are a member of the Secret Service on the President's Detail Team during the Zombie out break, Air Force One has been compromised along with the rest of Andrews AFB. Marine One is out of commission  and sitting on the white House lawn, due to gun fire by mobs of those still living with the attitude of "You wont help or save me, then the hell with you too you can die right along with the rest of us."

Move the President and the First Family (wife and two children) over land. (you can fill in the blank with what ever you feel best for your game from here on.)
To a strong hold location Code Name _______________  located in the State of_____________ near the town of______________  1,500 miles away

Spacial Orders;
  1. The health and safety of the President and First Family comes first above any and all others.
  2. Proceed with caution avoid major highways and interstates due to abandoned or disabled vehicle blocking these avenues. Plan on all major bridges being blocked by such vehicles, make addition plans to cross any such waterways in advance to reduce delays. Use back roads and byways.
  3. Avoid all major towns and cities due to higher numbers of infected and mass mobs of Rioters and Looters. Militias and mobs may be setting up roadblocks. Again use back roads and byways to avoid such areas.
  4. Avoid any and all outside contact with any and all locals and do not intervene or get involved with any local affairs.
  5. Any vehicle in your group that breaks down or becomes disabled, any and all equipment or supplies needed will be cross loaded to the other remaining vehicles, and the disabled vehicle will be destroyed and abandoned in place along with any and all equipment and supplies not taken.
Additional Orders
  1. Radio transmissions for updates will come at 0600 hrs and 1800 hrs.
  2. There are as many as five save house/cache points along the corridor of the route.
  3. Additional support will be provided when and if it becomes available.

Your Team;
Four Secret Service Agent
Six Marine personnel (two of which are pilots from Marine One)
Four Army personnel
(pick which ones as your players and the others as NPC or fodder you can add more characters as needed as well)

Two Humvee (scout and recon)
each with 50 cal. machine guns mounted.
Three Cadillac Gage 450s  (main body)
two with dual mounts 1 50 cal. machine gun and 1 Mark19 grenade launcher, third has 90mm gun and coaxial 7.62mm machine gun,  plus 3 M240B for each of the rear deck hatches.

Equipment list below
16 - M16s four of which have M203 attachments.
2 - Remington pump shotguns.
3 - M249 SAWs.
2 - M21 Sniper weapons.
2 - M240B Machine gun.
14 - 9mm pistols.

5,000 rounds 9mm.
400 rounds 12 ga.
7,000 rounds 5.56mm.
3,000 rounds 5.56mm belted.
800 rounds M118 7.62mm Sniper ammo.
10,000 round 7.62mm belted .
4,000 rounds 50 cal. belted.
200 rounds 40mm grenades.
1,000 rounds 40mm belted grenades.
10 AT4 Anti Tank rounds.
20 rounds 90mm HEDP.
10 round 90mm HEAT.
50 hand grenades.
10 Claymore mines.
20 pounds C4 plus caps and fuses.

Additional Equipment;
Communications equipment for each vehicle.
Individual communications equipment for all personnel.
Navigational equipment.
Medical kits.
Tool kits.
Food for six days.
Water for six days.
Sleeping bags for ten people.
10 Assault packs.
(Any additional equipment may be added due to your gaming needs.)

Now this may sound like a lot of equipment and ammo for your players to have but now you are a rich target to hit, and there are those out there that want what you have. You have 1,500 miles to cover, and you have to stop to find fuel,  hundreds of places to avoid or have to go through, rivers and streams to get across, and if someone were to find out who your cargo is, having a member of the First Family may not be a bad bargaining chip to have.
Hordes of zombies to get by, militias and mobs of all kinds.

How would your player act if a member of the first family is lost, or additional characters added in that hamper your mission, or other groups wishing for it's failure for their political gain and deliberately act to stop you and your teams mission.

Having two sections allows for smaller controlled groups of play. Playing out the recon of an area then playing out the main body passing through the same area afterwards. players can have more then one characters as well if they lose one their still in the game. Plus if the recon element gets in too much trouble you can move the main body in for it's fire power. In addition if you lose to many players you can parachute in additional military assets or other assets when made available.

Now there are a lot of Manufactures out there to get all you need for this. Many of them are listed in my 15mm links section.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Projects on Hold for Awhile

Funny thing happen on the way to work today.

Stop me if you have heard this one before.

This deer on the side of the road, lurking in the bushes, spied my vehicle and didn't like the body style of it and took it upon itself to change the look of the current style to a style of which it approved of. I don't like it's taste in style very much sooo!

So projects that require funding will be on hold till I get this mess paid for, but in the mean time the ideas will keep coming forth and I will toss them out there

This would not have happen if I had a jet pack that we were all promised to have now so many years ago

Lived in the country for years and had to move to the cities to hit a deer, go figure!