Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Piece Added to "My Terrain"

Okay so a new experiment using Elmer's Clear School Glue for water effects, Okay I saw what someone had done on Google Plus, so I figured I'll give it a whirl, turns out this stuff really works for small projects or small areas, so you don't have to worry about mixing resins and figuring out how much to use or how much your going to end up wasting. So just go slow applying to reduce the amount of air bubbles.

Here you can see my lovely assistant's (aka Wife's) handy work after applying the Clear Glue in a velvety smooth finish. The glue is about an eighth of an inch thick (roughly 3mm)

Apply it like you would any other resin any small areas you may have to brush on and small bubbles you will have to herd them to the edge and work them up and out, you can't just pop them with a toothpick or a pin they just will not do that, no matter how much coaching or cursing you do.

The next few photos are of the new "My Terrain" piece.

So here is the "Volcanic Steam Vents with Bubbling Mud Pool" okay so the mud pool isn't so bubbly, but it sure look totally HOT!

All three pieces on a section of packing paper to give it the desert sand look.

Here so you can see scale wise, Three figures in the middle

So these three guys look so out of place here

And here.

The best thing is these pieces look so darn great on the table now and I have more to come!

Okay again these are looking really great and yes I have more planned, the best of this so far is finding the Clear Glue! for the water effects, now my Lovely Assistant wants me to build Jungle terrain with more water effect. So like any good Husband who in charge of the household and gaming I told her "Yes, Dear." Why not I have the Best of both world a great wife who encourages me to build gaming terrain

Sunday, September 3, 2017

"My Terrain" Continues

"My Terrain" Project continues forward, as I work on "The Cave" piece.

Now I'm going to apologize in advance for some of the photos I just couldn't keep my hands still enough for some of them.

Okay so here at the beginning, cutting, gluing and stacking cardboard in layers.

Covering the piece in tissue paper "The Frosted Layer Cake" almost looks good enough to eat!?

So After letting the glue dry, coat with another layer of glue then cover with sand.

Hey! What's in there? Could be Cookies and Milk? Let's go see.

Primed with a cheap "Auto Primer Spray Paint" Less the Four Dollars a can.

Finial finish the painting of the piece, so I started with Acrylic "Oxidized Brown" as the main color, I also use Burgundy, Orange and Yellow. I picture the layering of rock and desert colors one would see in photos and a like and just kind of mimic the look mixing the paint as i go on the piece so the colors all blend in nice the when this is dried I highlight it with a "Desert Tan".

Here you can see a 15mm Figure

Here you can see the two piece that are done placed together, I can't wait to get others done.

As you can see they look pretty good there together, like I mentioned I can't wait to put more together, I have the "Volcanic Steam Vents and Bubbling Mud Pool" piece covered in tissue, sand and primed, just waiting for the "Finial" paint.

These terrain pieces only cost a couple of dollars each, and I have a few more planed, a couple of each of the following, groups of natural stone bridges, another will be different plateaus, a couple of others that may have not come to mind as of yet but are in my head somewhere "Oh" and I'm thinking of a larger "Volcano" piece, so keep watching. When this project is finished I will post pictures of all the pieces on the table all at one time!

I really hope this inspired many of you out there to make builds similar to this and post them as well.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New "My Terrain" Piece

So I had some time and came up with a new piece for "My Terrain" project, the first two were the Cascading Oasis and The Cave Entrance, this piece is going to be "Volcanic Steam Vent" with a "Bubbling Mud Pool" it has taken me better then a day to layout and to cut out and glue everything to this point. It will take a few more hours to cover it in tissue, then things move faster from there covering it in sand then paint.

So enough about that here is the new piece.

Looking at it, it is about the same size as the others I have made so far.

Here the opposite side of the piece.

Closer look of one end.

A nice look at the natural stone bridge.

You can see in the next two pictures where the "Bubbling Mud Pool" is and could be a hazard to those who are not careful.

A overhead view you can see how one can move over and across it.

So now that is needed is to do as the other pieces cover in tissue, then sand and paint. I have other ideas of terrain pieces and will be moving on to make them just as soon as I can so keep an eye out for them.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Projects Updates "MyTerrain" and "Barge Town"

You can say that I have a few pokers in the fire, okay a lot of pokers in the fire, building a gaming table, remodeling my gaming room and working on all the smaller gaming projects as well. Then there's all the day to day life stuff too.

So I have manage to find some time to work on a couple of my smaller projects, one being my drop in place cardboard terrain, I added the last few layers for the cave terrain to finish and covered it in RED tissue paper my working with other papers did not work so well I had to carefully peel them off and start over with the red tissue paper it sort of looks like so wild layer cake with frosting.

Welcome to the angry Red Cake?!

Okay so in some time I will be able to add the sand to it and paint it, I hope that is soon.

So here are some more pictures of it in addition picture for my "Barge Town" project as well

So I guess that is enough of the frosted cake so here are some pictures of my "Barge Town" so I am currently working on a "Fishing Boat" it is not much at the moment but it will shape up here soon.

Just the rough stuff here getting the general shape of things

Now here you can see the general size and shape of the fishing boat, you can see the lower cabin were the wife's hair ties are holding things together and the upper cabin or the pilot house it's still wide open at the moment and hope to work more on it later.

Well so far they are both a start, Thanks for stopping by and looking I hope to advance more on both very soon and start a new terrain piece, I'm really looking forward to a new cardboard terrain one that I have in mind and no  I am not giving any clues as to what it is.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cardboard Terrain

Well, I'm all over the place from time to time, with this project and that project. My current project is a terrain project using cardboard taking a more topographical approach.

I saw these photos of terrain made with cardboard and sand, I gave it some thought, and wanted to have something sorta on the same line.

So making use of some moving boxes from our move to which we are still unpacking, pealing off the packing tape and cutting it down into panels of sorts.

Of course you don't have to wait to move you can pick up moving boxes most anywhere, the one in the photo from Home Depot cast about 75 Cents.

What I did first is, I come up with a sketch of what terrain I wish to build, a side view, a top view and if I can a more detailed drawing with a more of a 3D view, now keeping in mind what I draw or sketch doesn't turn out anything like as the modeled terrain 

Like this one an idea of a cave entrance.

Figures are Peter Pigs 15mm Marines.

And here is the cave entrance terrain, as you can see it didn't turn out anything like the drawing at all, this piece isn't finished I still need to add a few layers to it the cover it in tissue paper and then in extra fine sand.

Here's a top view of the cave entrance terrain

I wanted to make better use of a terrain piece other then it just sitting on the table. I wanted to be able to go up and down it. Each layer was cut and using it as a template for drawing out the next layer.

As you can see in this photos below the very small changes that were made  between the two layers dry stacking as I went along, working to give them a natural flow from layer to layer.

When I'm about half way stacking the layers I start to glue them together so as not to have so many pieces floating around.

Here's a piece I made with a cascading oasis and a natural stone bridge.

Here's a top view as you can see there are many ways to approach this terrain and be able to move across is.

These pieces all still need to be covered in tissue and sand plus of coarse to be painted. I have many other ideas of terrain that are on paper at the moment but are being transformed to cardboard.

So here is the oasis covered in blue tissue which at the time is what my wife had in her stash of gift wrapping supplies.

Okay so the tissue approach took some time little pieces at a time and the dye in the paper managed to get all over one's fingers and hands plus the tissue paper tore real easy and I was continuously covering holes I was punching through the paper wet with glue, next attempt I will try packing paper and post the results when that is done.

Next you can see the finished terrain piece, first I had to wait a few days for the glue and the tissue step to dry, once it was good and dry I started the next step to cover the whole thing with a very fine sand, I forgot to take pictures of that step, but here is the terrain piece painted. 

I hope you can see from the picture just how cool this piece turned out and is going to really work out on the gaming terrain


Now this piece above is not done with the cave but I have many other terrain ideas on paper and are making their way to cardboard, 

Each of the terrain pieces has only cost me 75 Cents each plus the cost of glue, paper, sand and paint.

These pieces are for desert terrain but I plan to make some using the same approach but will paint them in darker grays and add vegetation for more of a rocky or mountainous  terrain

Well I hope you all enjoyed this and give it a try.