Wednesday, August 28, 2013



The idea came to me when I received my Mega Minis "Salvage Crew" and I thought they need something to salvage, duh that's a no brainer, So I first thought why not a crashed spaceship and how was I going to go about this. I figured it had to be in sections for ease of moving it around and then how big, after all it's has to fit on a small gaming table and what sections, so I came up with the idea of four sections, a bridge section, two cargo sections and an engine section.

Based off of this picture

Then what shape to make it in. A box or square sort of shape with square edges and an angled hull would be the easiest to make and to cover it in card stock, then it would to make a round rounded with lots of curves and bends, hey mama didn't raise no fool.

So something like this comes to mind but in four sections

I sketched up the sections on 1/2 inch grid paper to get a feel and the idea of size.

Four separate sections, for the main hull and two wing like sections, each section could be used as stand alone terrain piece or put all six together as one big terrain piece with room to move between each section and space for movement in and on each section.

On 12x12 inch MDF board would allow it all to be on a 4 foot table or spread out over a larger table

I can dress up the shipwreck with tips from this link  and download PDFs referring to scratch building.

Plus I can build up the interior walls using some of the ideas here can make the inner walls looking something like this picture from the link above.

This site is more for  the War Hammer 40K stuff but full of pages of great ideas

A visit to my local junk shop where I can get all kinds electronic stuff cheap. should help dress it up nice, you would be surprise how a hand full of electronic parts can dress up a wall and make it look busy

Foam core board and card stock will be the main material, with lots of wire and wood dowels of different sizes plus different wood flat and round shapes, beads and bits from the local craft shop.

Craft gems from the craft store, based on size the square ones, the oval ones and round ones  make for great hatches and other odds and ends

Watch gears and parts for engine room stuff and other things as well.
Well this just the beginning, figured this would be a good practice run before I start the Star ship Project posted information about it earlier.
I'm hoping this helps give you all ideas for your own projects.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Twilight 2000

Yet another game I truly like as a RPGs, is to play Twilight 2000 using 15mm Figures.

Okay so many people feel that it's out dated as far as the "Cold War" goes for the "Cold War is over or is it?

We currently live in a time were a nuclear accident could trigger a limited exchange more so today then 20 years ago.

We almost went there not long ago when a missile being tested, almost triggered such an event, when a simple thing as failing to share information between departments. State departments were aware but military departments were not informed.

Plus with the numbers of countries that have limited abilities today that they didn't have then. So you didn't live during the time period of the "Cold War" why bother with such a game, currently there are about 3500 missiles right now! ready to launch! you are living in a cold war so to speak, you could call it the out of mind war, we don't see it, we don't hear it, and we don't talk about it, so therefor it's out of mind.

All the better for such a game just change up the situation, location and update it to today, what if your were a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan when such an event happens, how would you get home better yet how would you survive to get home.

Nice thing about this game is using 15mm figures for play, there are a wide range of modern figures one can use for what ever situation you would like from US Troops to Chinese Troops and almost everything in between to include vehicles and equipment, and the terrain can be what ever you wish it to be.

There are a lot of adventure add ons for this game as well.