Thursday, July 28, 2016

Basing Mass Figures.

Okay so I have a lot of figures that need their bases finished, in a earlier post I showed you how I like to use Milliputty for some of my figures and that process takes time.

So how do you do it fast and get more figures done, I use wood glue around the base.

 The only tool you will need would be a handful of toothpicks.

Now this is going to take a couple of applications but I think the look is great.

Like I have explained in an earlier post on my thoughts on basing figures, that I don't  like flocking or clumps of grass all around my figures feet for most part in my game play is mostly around urban build up areas or cave and dungeons, but hay  to each  their  own .

I like mounting my figures on 1/4 inch washers the size to me looks right for the figures, sure it cost more but again it just looks right to me.

So now here is the figure after the first application of good old Elmers wood glue after it had dried.

And here is the second application after it had dried as well.

Okay so here is a side by side comparison of each stage. You cans see it builds up nicely to like a Pitcher's mound. You can also see that I had a gap problem with the trailing foot on all three of these figures  and the glue filled in the gap.

Here is a comparison shot of the wood glue base along with the Milliputty base. You can see a much cleaner looking base using the wood glue.

I am able to apply a single application to about 70 figures in an hour. Which is far better use of one's time the wood glue method is far faster and cost far less as well then the Milliputty and I think it make the figures look great. I let each application set over night before adding the next and let the next application set as well over night, now they are ready for painting.

Well I hope this helps one to choose the right look for their figure and that basing large amount of figures don't seem such a large task