Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Not to Wear For the Great Apocalypse

What would be one of the worse ways to be taken out from this life, during the Zombie Apocalypse other then being taken down by a Zombie, would to be taken down by Star Trek Convention Attendee Zombies!

Okay so looking through a group of zombie figures that I have, I believe they are from Khurasan Miniatures and when I saw these four figures then it hit me Trekkie Zombies! Dressed in the style of the Original Series.

Why not!? Imagine a Star Trek Convention somewhere near you when the big out break comes and later on you are cornered on the street or a room and the zombies are all Trekkies!

Gotta have a Red Shirt!

A Captain James T. Kirk want a be torn shirt as well!

I can't leave the women out either

This one has clear coat on waiting for a matte finish.

So yeah my players could be taken out by Trekkie Zombies, and let face it funny and would just add more fun to the game, so anytime the game system throws in four zombies as on plays on you can bet these will be the four I'll throw into the game.

I was hoping to find a survivor in the right kind of shirt but no luck, the plan would have been to paint all the others in the blue and yellow shirts and he would have been the sole survivor in a red shirt!

On to the Next!

Hawaiian Shirt!? Yeah I got a guy in Hawaiian Shirts who was coming from or going to a Frat Party or Office Party where a Hawaiian Luau is the theme.

Oh yeah you can see him from a mile.
I have other color schemes if I find any others that have a right shirt.

They all need a few final touches but all of them are off to a great start, I have others that will be coming just wearing the wrong clothes on the wrong day. So keep checking in from time to time.