Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mail call from GZG

Okay I don't post things that I get in the mail as often as I should and I will try to change that in the future, in the mean time I put a very large order for Ground Zero Games, they were having a big discount plus some extra goodies base on the size of your order.

So here's my haul and my specially added goodies! Way to much to take pictures of everything but you will get the idea.

Each bag must weigh over a pound each!

All in all it came weighting in at about six and half (6 1/2) or about three kilograms (3)

The Folks at Ground Zero Games, GZG as they are know by at many gaming sites, are great to work with and I have never been disappointed in their service or products. I highly recommend doing business with them. Located in England I generally get my goodies in about 7 to 10 days here in the upper Midwest. They keep you up to dated on your order every step of the way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Always on the Look Out!

Always looking for a great find and this one come from Jo Ann's Fabrics, clearing out their Christmas stuff and they have these great looking trees.

They come 8 to a bag and were reduce to 2 Dollars a bag so I grabbed up 5 bags of them I feel that should be enough for a small woods or for around a park or what have you.