Thursday, September 26, 2013

Projects on Hold for Awhile

Funny thing happen on the way to work today.

Stop me if you have heard this one before.

This deer on the side of the road, lurking in the bushes, spied my vehicle and didn't like the body style of it and took it upon itself to change the look of the current style to a style of which it approved of. I don't like it's taste in style very much sooo!

So projects that require funding will be on hold till I get this mess paid for, but in the mean time the ideas will keep coming forth and I will toss them out there

This would not have happen if I had a jet pack that we were all promised to have now so many years ago

Lived in the country for years and had to move to the cities to hit a deer, go figure!


  1. They see you rollin'. Deer be hatin'.

    Glad you survived - collisions with livestock are always nasty.

  2. Thank You
    I feel bad for the deer, but one of the nice things about being here is if a deer is hit and reported, they come right out and pick it up and use it for the humane society for dog food so even if the animal didn't live it didn't go to waste