Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zombie Hell Prologue

Zombie Hell

The Zombie outbreak came out from all around the globe, some thirty days ago, no one knows for sure as to just how many of us carried the initial Virus. You didn't know if you had it, for it seems everyone that may have had the virus had a cold, this virus this "Zombie Cold" acted very much like a cold, and there was a very bad cold virus going around at the same time has well and it wasn't until one died that the virus took over their body. Everyone had a cold or the sniffles at around that time, you could have just a cold or you could be carrying the Zombie Cold, now just how close you had to be to someone with the zombie cold no one really knew or if you had to have physical contact

Seemed that the spread of the "Zombie Cold" was only the slow means of the spreading of the virus which in this case stayed quiet and dormant until the moment of death, then it was a matter of moments until one turned, the other spread of the virus was after one was bitten by a full blown zombie in which case one would turn to a zombie with in an hour.

By the time anyone really knew what was happening it was too late, every city in the world was being over ran by zombies, hordes of them and their numbers were growing. The main cause for the spread initially is blamed on "Bystander Effect" everyone witnessing what was happening and believing someone else would step in to be the "Hero" to stop them.

Our Nations Capital, Washington D.C. was just one of many cities over run by the hordes, Andrews Air Force Base was initially over ran by civilians trying to find help but the hordes of civilians which in a short time turn like a rolling tide into zombies, as well as the Regan International Airport and along with any other airfield where one felt that the could fly to safety. so basically all
airports and airfields were just mere death traps

Hospitals as well were just as bad, those trying to find help only found themselves trapped and then mauled by the hordes, many of those who headed to the hospitals didn't realize that almost all of the hospitals had been abandoned by their staff seeking to find their own safety.

Law enforcement had their own problems, along with the Military as they tried to set up zones of quarantines to contain or to push back the hordes, with civilians caught in the middle they were either being over taken by the zombies or killed by gun fire from the military or law enforcement just because they were in the way, either way it just cause the hordes to grow even faster and just overwhelmed any governmental efforts

All the major highways and interstates are clogged with cars and trucks, abandoned or disabled, many ran out of fuel waiting for the traffic to move, and pushed aside into the emergency lanes, making it all the harder to go around. Many others were just abandoned in place once they realized the traffic wasn't going to move. The major cause was those trying to get out of the cities in a hurry and either ended up in an accident or causing one, which in turn either slowed traffic to a crawl or just plain stopped it. In a few cases deaths were involved and before anyone knew a small pocket of zombies would develop and those in their cars would just abandoned their vehicle in order to move to safety.

The "zombie" itself is just a cold creature, it would just stand there idle making them more dangerous like some landmine of horror. Once it hears a noise, a faint smell of the living, or movement it may see with in a few yards of itself, then it would start moving in that direction, at first it would just move in a shuffling manner like a drunken sailor, till it moved in closer to the location of it's prey then it moves much faster with more deliberate moves like a brisk not so unstable walk until it was upon it's victim then it would just lunge it self in a frenzy of horror. After an attack it will then just shuffle away in some random direction some move just a few feet then just stand there, others could stagger for miles before it would just become idle, standing there waiting until it's next victim

My story begins here in Minneapolis, I was at work when I was hearing of the first reports, of people just getting back up after dying and attacking others of the living, myself a sci-fi slash horror fan knew what was happening, in addition to being former military I knew what I had to do, I knew what had to be done "get home" where my family was and my weapons!

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