Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Storage Tanks

Just another thing that will work for the gaming table PVC pipe caps as storage tanks

The tops can be found rounded like these showed here or flat as well, add some wire for pipes and other fittings paint and your good to go

You can make them look a little taller just by adding a stub of PVC pipe in them as if they were on a stand of sorts

Glue two together and they can be tanks laid on their sides just add stands, and you can get them in almost any size for you gaming needs,

I will be using them as storage and fuel tanks for my ship projects


  1. Very clever! I need to check some of these out next time I'm down at Mitre 10. I have a bunch of caps I've been saving of the flyspray refill tins. They are flat-topped cylinders, approximately 50 - 60mm tall and should work as storage tanks as well.

  2. Thanks, I work in a hadware store and I'm always looking for something new to use and on the cheap side