Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board

Well the deal for the new house fell through, seems the title was not free and clear and had issues with it's title, so back to the hunt, so things are still on hold. This really sucks!!

I have ordered some new stuff and will be posting them as they come in. As far as painting and building goes that's all on hold a lot of stuff is packed up and ready to move.

So the new gaming room is on hold for now but it will come, I have plans for the decor of the room in my mind and can't wait to put it in to action!

The basic room will have 6" boards for molding at the top and bottom with 6" boards space "X" apart depending on room size "T's" will be cut and "X" holes drilled in to them, then mounted at  horizontal and vertical intersections of 6" boards then round top wood plugs will go in the holes then all will be painted to give the look of steel post and beams with rivets.

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