Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Matchbox Vehicles Find!

Okay getting settled in a little more after the BIG MOVE.

So every time I go to the store I always checkout the Matchbox Cars in the toy section. The cars themselves may be out of scale for 15mm, the large trucks can be rather close, like Fire Trucks, Dump Trucks and alike and some are just way too cool to pass up.

Well this posting is about a few that I found and knew I had to get them at the price of a dollar!

One I know would be great for any land base Star Port and the other for a Mining company on some out world planet.

Okay first up the port vehicle

Next up the futuristic dump truck

Then there are a couple of farming vehicles a Tracked Farm Tractor and a Sprayer Truck. Which would be great for the Mega Farms for your space colonies.

Tracked Tractor

Sprayer Truck

I hope these help you with your projects and your gaming boards to add to your terrain and each of these were just a dollar I grabbed a few of each at that price.