Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Land of Dinosaurs

Okay I think this is another great find for gaming. cursing the store again this time Wal-Mart and this caught my eye and I then thought YES! These will be great for many types of games,

If you want to play a Jurassic Park, Land of the Lost, Lost world, or Mystery Island even Cave Man type games in 15mm scale these are the ticket!

You get a lot of Dinosaurs for just under $5 Dollars, 101 pieces mostly Dinosaurs with trees, plants, and some fencing. Yes they are plastic but with the proper prepping, washing, basing and priming before painting the will be great

I will be basing these monsters using the basing system that I have post earlier using Plexiglas as the base. Can't have them falling over every time your trying to out run them!

There are a couple that come in two sizes.

Pictures and comparison to figures.

I can wait to really get around to them and get them in the gaming but I have other project in line ahead of them.

So for those of you into Pulp Gaming I hope you find them very useful.


  1. They aren't to scale and are anatomically incorrect. They're perfect for some Harryhousen style pulp gaming. Please show us what they look like painted up. I've been burned on cheap plastic toys in the past.

    1. Sure will, have a another project ahead of them, before I can get to them.

  2. I use the bigger ones for 28mm VSF and the smaller for 15mm and as 28mm baby dinos or velociraptor types. Since it's sf and pulp I don't worry too much about accuracy.