Friday, June 5, 2015

Shipping Container (Update)

Okay posted sometime ago about Shipping containers made from a 36 inch 1x1 inch square wood dowels.

First I'll clean them up filing and sanding the edges removing any of the loose wood fibers.

Laying out at 1/8th inch  line pattern.

Then score the lines with a hobby knife, this cuts the wood fibers for the next step.

I then score the cut lines with a pointed object to press the wood inwards to create a panel effect into the wood.

Now I add strips of plastic stock for the frame work. The strips are 1/8th of an inch wide.

Now I layout little squares that will be the pick up points to the containers, and with a fairly small hole punch, punch holes in the center of the squares the cut the squares out and glue in place.

Next I added the doors.

A good coat of diluted wood glue again to insure nothing falls off!

Once they are all done, I will give them a good base of primer paint and then paint the containers to the colors that I want, then weathering effects will follow.

I know that they are not super detailed but, you get the idea that they are shipping containers.

This is a very cheap way to make such shipping containers and a lot of them, the only draw back is it take time to make them, If they get lost or just plain leave the table you haven't lost a lot. just make more.


  1. You are the man, Doug. Nice scratchbuilding.

    1. Thank You for the good word, now let's hope my paint skills are on par as well.

  2. You may want to add a couple of thin wires to the "doors". Take a look at any picture of a container and you'll see what I mean. Should be an easy addition that won't be fragile and add just a little touch of detail.

    1. Yes your are right I have some very thin wire I was thinking of adding, I think that I will just to finish the look.

  3. Greetings from Jays place,

    You've done a marvelous job of making these and your walk through is very informative. Also, I liked your previous post on dinosaurs. They are some of my favourite things.

    1. Thank You, I'm glad you like the postings and find them interesting and informative, but over all just plain fun.