Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Talking Heads

Okay so it's not the group from way back when.

But I'm talking about head swaps.

So I bought a set of Police Officers from Rebel Minis  http://www.rebelminis.com/index.html some time ago, which is great if you want a lot of just plain police officers but, NOoo not me I want a mix of law enforcement officers, other then just city types of police, I wanted a sheriff and some deputies and most of all some State Police or State Troopers as well,  I just don't want to fight off zombies in the city but options of doing so in a country setting as well, so after a long hunt I found some heads to swap out with.

Rebel Minis Police.

Peter Pig http://www.peterpig.co.uk/ has a whole section of mostly just heads, under "Heads and Odds", I ordered a few different sets, I bought a set of WWI Dough Boy with the campaign hats which will make up my state police. I also bought a set of ACW confederate wide brim hats, a little rework to the hats and they will make up for my sheriff and deputies.

WWI Dough Boys

First I have to remove the head off the figure that will be converted, I carefully removed the head, I scored along the neck with razor knife or Hobby knife then I use a large nail clipper to finish the job the score marks along the collar gave a place the the clippers cutting edges to rest in to make the cut.

Once the head is removed next I drilled a hole to receive the post of the new head,
I dry fit the new head to make sure it will fit, once I was happy with the new look I glued it in place, using Super Glue Gel.

And now I have a State Trooper.

Heck I could paint a couple as Game Wardens or Park Rangers as well.

Here is a look of both my Police Officer and State trooper side by side the head looks a little small in the side by side but I'm sure once the are all painted on the table on wouldn't notice that much of a change.

So I have a few more to go and paint job to boot then I will work on my Deputy Sheriff.

I have some cars that will get a State Trooper car paint job as well.

I hope this will help with giving one ideas to add to their games.


  1. That smokey looks great. You just need a Burt Reynolds and a Sally Fields figure and you could put together a nice little Car Wars circa 1979 game!

    1. Thanks, plus I would need a little black Trans Am, and a Jerry Reed truck driver and his truck too!