Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Painted Figures

Okay so remember I haven't paint in many many years, and I just wanted to post these to see what many of you think.

So I my large scale Zombie game these are the troops that will bring the fight to the Zombies

My game plan is to use a military unit as a survival group and follow their story as it unfolds using the "All Things Zombie" rules from "Two Hour Games"

Now it's just a handful that I painted up to figure a couple of things paint scheme and techniques "OH MAN AM I RUSTY!" at this but it's all coming back to me slowly.

They look much better in person still need to work on my wash technique haven't been able to find my inks which would help, still have some boxes that we still haven't unpacked yet.

Nice thing is I can use these guys for other games as well.

Thank You for looking.  

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