Thursday, April 27, 2017

Burt Gummer!

Here is Burt Gummer!

So the voting took place at "The Miniatures Page" and the Tan and Red won!

So I started with Peter Pigs heads with baseball caps.

Oh yeah and this guy From Highlanders Studios.

So I lobbed of the head of poor "Roger" the gun toting Survivalist. Bore a hole where the neck should be the make sure I had enough stem of the new head to insert into the hole with super glue.

 Add some paint and Ta Da  Burt Gummer!

Okay so it doesn't really look like Burt Gummer more like Nintendo's Mario or younger Jesse Ventura. 

This is to show that you can change figures and with the right paint work you can make any character you want for the your gaming needs. 

Have fun with your figures like I have, I hope to others and their work too.   

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