Thursday, February 13, 2014

Traveller's Nobles Ideas in 15mm Figures

Playing Nobles characters in Traveller can be great fun, but finding that right figure for the character can be hard to do. I would like for you to check out two different sites that I feel may have the answers to your need.

First up is The Ion Age site at  they have a range of figures the Prydain Army range many of the figures have helmets comparable to the old school Imperial Marines, a few have capes on which have a nice feel as a noble in battle armor, which would be great for those feudal battles between noble houses. It's just a couple pictures of what they have there, they have both male and female figures. I highly recommend them the detail on them is really great for their size. (picture courtesy of The Ion Age)

Up next is site at here again they have in their Laserburn range, yet here again I feel the ones in capes would make great nobles, just a little more casual dress for cruising on ship or adventures they have both male and female figures the detail is nice and the range is large and the have a vehicle that sits well as an air raft. Just a few pictures of what they have. (pictures courtesy of

So there you go, this my opinion as to figures for use as Nobles for your Traveller gaming, so again check out both of these great sites

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