Thursday, March 6, 2014

Food Container Buildings

Food containers are a great item for building up a gaming board, or as a means of setting up the background for your players, there are many different containers out there of different sizes and shapes and many have a nice sci-fi feel to them as well.

There are a lot of Web sites that carry lots of building add ons doors, windows and roof items as well.
  • Ground Zero Games
  • Micopanzer
  • The Scene
The containers posted here are from different sources;

                                                  This one was containing mushrooms.

           This one was containing meat from "Aldi's" would make for a great warehouse.

This one is also a meat container from "Aldi's" only larger and again would make for a great warehouse.

The "Aldi's ones I'm still thing of a way to make them open up so as to play through them as well as around them.

                                             This one is from "Oscar Meyer"s Lunchables".


                                                     This one was from "Swiss Colony".

          This one was from "Swiss Colony" as well,  it's rather large as you can see from the photo.

You could also check out HO Scale trains as well to dress up you buildings of scratch build items as well.

A good base for mounting your buildings on would be thin sheets of Plexiglass, it takes glues well thin and light weight resist warping and the corners will not bend.

I would also suggest filling the larger containers with foam or something to stiffen them up the roof's will flex a bit if not and could pop your details off during gaming and such.

As you can see I have quite the collection going on here and I have multiples of each one posted, I can fill a rather large table.

So now get out there eat well and play well.


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    1. I sure will keep posting, I have a lot of things in the works for gaming, I just have to wait for the move to be over, I do have a few that I can post during this time as well so just keep an eye out for them. Thanks