Friday, April 18, 2014

Roll out the Barrels

Always on the lookout for ways to fill in objects, for duck and cover and adding to the battlefield or to fill that warehouse, shipping yard or cargo hold

Checking out the price of metal barrels in 15mm range and the cost of HO scale ones, you only get a small handful for under 10 dollars, With myself wanting to get so many, then seeing the size of a wood dowel and unless you look really close why not make barrels from the dowels, painted in the normal colors of barrels the blue, red, green, and black, your eyes and brain will fill in the details plus you can make a lot of barrels from just one 36 inch would dowel for just under a dollar.


So I picked up one size 3/16 of an inch in diameter, one that I would think will work for the standard size barrel then cut into sections of 5/16 on an inch.

Got out my X-Acto miter box, back saw, pencil, and steel rule and started cutting some out.


Here is a comparison picture a metal 15mm one that I have bought and the wood one I have made.

Set of four barrels on their base you can sand them down to look even on top

For barriers glue them together on a base add some railroad gravel or sand to the tops as dirt, paint and done. Here their a little uneven which has a great look for a hasty roadblock or barrier.

Now that is a lot of barrels for most any idea or terrain, use them for road blocks, industrial sites, or warehouses, space ports and more.

So roll out the Barrels we're going to have us some fun!

Wait to see what's to come.