Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pipe Pile

Saw an electrical fitting to connect to ends of automotive wire together and I hit me Pipes, these things would be great for making pipe piles sitting in the shipping yard or set in long rows waiting to be installed.

You can get them in three different sizes, they could be for your water, sewer or gas or just what ever, you can make up sets of them and have laying about in your industrial areas.

I just picked up the red pack for now and I really like how they look.

Laying about.
 Stacked waiting shipment or installation.
Now of course they could be used for other things and You can get a pack of 10 for under 2 dollars.
I think they are going to work just fine for the shipping yard or just about any terrain you put them on.

So have fun and lay some pipe.


  1. Thank You, I'm going to grab a pack of one hundred for about 7 dollars, of which I will make some into missle transport tube cap of the end and stack them as in a rack of four, with supports, in will look really nice in an ammo dump, and that's just the start :D