Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twilight 2000 Figures

Twilight 2000 RPG game.

I enjoy playing even if it is an Old School kind of game, I like the break sometimes from the far future Sci-Fi games, and the Zombie games, Plus I like the world gone to hell in a hand basket kind of game, no electric, fuel on the very short side, foraging for food, supplies, equipment, and weapons and ammo and trying to keep it all, plus working to a sort of a point to rebuild a life and venturing out to make it all happen.

Again I have always had fun playing this game and as I moved from paper and pencil to more figures I'm always on the lookout for more figures.

Here are some great places for such figure that are great for gaming with.

Fighting 15s Models carries a few really good ones of Oddzial Osmy at the Sci-fi section check out the Insurgents.

Old Glory of the UK. Has armed civilians under their 15mm range in the modern section. As with Old Glory of the US

Rebel Minis has a section of modern troops, their African soldiers would work very well for many gaming situations.

Another great place is Peter Pig miniatures as well a rather large range in the AK47 section.

Now of course they all carry a wide range of modern soldiers too that can be use as well, as well as many other companies not mentioned.

QRF miniatures carries a large line of modern vehicles.

Irishserb's Miniatures has a nice selection of vehicles as well though the line is small they are some really nice models and priced well too.

MJ Figures handle a nice range of modern weapons great for making supply points, or weapons shops in small towns

This is just a small list of sites, that I feel that have lots of great potential for miniature gaming for Twilight 2000 if this is a game for you.

Thanks for reading.

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