Sunday, November 23, 2014

My First Pulp Figures

Okay I have been a little slow on the go on here, busy with work, the home life and a family illness.

I received my first Pulp Figures from Brigade Games some short time ago, and just now getting around to posting about their 15mm figures. They are some great looking figures nice clean lines and details They should look really well on the gaming table.

Brigade Games Set 1.

Woman Adventure.

Big Game Hunter.

Adventurer in long coat.
Adventurer with shotgun.

Arab henchman.

Japanese Henchman.

Go To Guy with Monkey on his shoulder. ( could be your Sidekick, Villain or any other person you could think of)

The Officer, could be a Merchant Ship Captain, American Officer, German Officer, U-Boat Captain.

Brigade Games Set 2.


Geisha Girl.

Mad Scientist.

WWI German Officer (more likely I will use him as a retired Officer, as a German Inspector or as a go to guy)

So there you are, I would recommend anyone interested in pulp figures in the 15mm range Brigade Games has a really couple of nice sets to use.

So I have a good start I know I will need more and will have more to post.

 I can't wait to get them based and painted, plus I can't wait to order more figures and get gaming.


  1. How cool! I didn't know Brigade makes 15mm pulp figures… I can see an Indiana Jones game coming!

    1. Hope that it help, I have been going through a lot of sites looking have many more to look at and some I have to wait to get their figures Piter Pig has French Resistance fighter that would make for great armed merchant sailors just for one example.