Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving Day or Not!!

Who knew that looking for a house to buy would take so long to do. So I will be moving this coming week. No wonder why we have so many deserts the amount of paperwork that had to be signed and processed I'm sure it took a few trees to do.

Anyway all is NOT done as of yet, the Closing has been pushed back yet again, we started this roller coaster ride back in January but in the mean time I have to start my new job due to the transfer request had gone through and I have to start my new position this week. So I have to go ahead as the Advance Party!

Why because some Suit in a office in Southern California doesn't understand what a Frost Line is in Minnesota!

So it will be a while before I will be back on here, but once we get the closing done and we're settled into the new house, I will can get my gaming room set up somewhat I will be back on here in no time.

UPDATE 3/10/15; On the phone with our Realtor most of the day and made some headway, still have to head out in the morning the new job is just over two hours drive away and will have to stay in a motel nearby, GOOD NEWS is we may be closing on Friday!

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