Saturday, March 7, 2015

Women Fighters!

For all of you Ladies out there and Gentlemen, I just received Female fighters from Peter Pig under his AK47 Republic range in the Harden Militia sets. He has a great line of many figures as for these everyone needs female fighters.

Cost; 2.90 British Pounds,  about $4.44 in US Dollars not including the shipping cost, eight figures (8), a nice deal there. I ordered just one (1) set for a total of eight (8)

Shipping; Ten days from order to delivery, from the UK to the Midwest of the US. Now I did have a fair size order and will be writing about them later so breaking down shipping cost would be difficult. Minimum shipping would be for just one item would be 4.50 British Pounds about $6.89 in US. Dollars. Of course the more you order the better you fair on shipping.

Poses;  3 different poses, armed with AK47s
  • Standing Ready (3)
  • Advancing (3)
  • Firing (2)


Molding; Very little to no flash at all, some lite molding lines but very easy to clean up, bottom of the bases may need some lite filing or sanding before basing.

Game uses;
Post Apocalyptic Survivors/Gangs
Zombie Survivors
Street Gangs
Modern Pirates (Who don't need female Pirates)
Militias (from most anywhere around the world)

I mostly plan to use them in my Zombie games, but will also be great in my Twilight 2000 games as well, I'm really glad I found them and wanted to share this so other may obtain a few sets as well. As for the duplicates it will be tough to change much as to how they look to get a different look, one could file the head gear down some a dress it up some with Green Stuff for a full head of hair or add a knapsack. The most would be in the paint job!

If you don't have any female fighters in your group then I highly recommend getting yourself some!


  1. If you mix in a pack of the male hardened militia with the females, you get additional poses and a nice mixed sex unit (I nearly said "bi-sexual", but that might be a discussion for another day ;) ) They are nice figures but true 15mm so are a lot smaller than newer GZG, for example, if you want them for a near-future militia. Having said that, they work as a unit on their own and mix well with the New Vistula Legion and Insurgents stocked by Pico Armour in the US

    1. Thanks for the tip, being small in size and are female figures could work well with other figures, as most women are a little smaller then men and may look the part very well then, will look into the Pico Armor stuff as well, You can't have enough survivors for any doomday style game.