Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hesco/Gabion Barriers

Seeing Hesco Barriers/Gabions Barriers from other manufactures and the cost to have enough to really do anything with, I figured I can just make them just as well after seeing someone else do it in 28mm range.

Tools and items needed are scissors, hobby knife, glue, 1/2 inch square wood dowel, fiberglass insect screen, hobby miter box and saw

So with a 1/2 inch square wooded dowel costing cutting it in to 1/2 inch cubes which would equal to a 4 foot by 4 foot cube more or less. A 48 inch dowel would make about 96 Barriers! But I know it will be less due to cut lost. It will still make for a lot of barriers.

Then some old fiberglass insect screen cutting it into 1/2 inch strips. I got my from a glass and screening place that does replacement for damaged windows and screens, I got a big piece for FREE!

Now with some wood glue I start gluing the screen strips to the wood cubes wrapping it around all four corners until the screen reaches each other then I just cut it away.

Once the glue has dried around the screen, I spread some glue on what I believe to be the top, I then had some sand to this fresh glue,

Once this is dried, you can mount them to a base to allow you to make a wall fast, You can make corners sections and straight sections, you can skip the sand part and just glue two of them together one on top of the other.

Now this might seem like a lot of work to get to this point but you can save a lot doing so, but you can have a fortified place that will look almost impenetrable.

I only made a couple for now just to see how the would look and to share what I have learned. I think they are going to be great and work really well for my gaming needs!

My plan is to use them in my Zombie games and post apocalyptic games mostly for the military units.

This project cost me less then 4 Dollars! And I'll have more then enough barriers then I can think of.

I hope the will inspire others as the post on The Miniatures Page did me! Now get out here and get your defenses UP and Running!


  1. Thanks, I can't wait to have time to make more of them, their going to look great in gaming.

  2. Those look really great.

    Please forgive me boldness, but maybe a bit faster (albeit definitely less nice) would be not cut the dovel into cubes? Just cut the screen strip into squares and glue them down?

    1. Yes your right cutting squares of screen and cutting the dowels in longer lengths would move this along faster, I might have to do a test just to see how they would look and I'll post my findings thanks for the input.