Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tanks in the Wire!

Okay it's not about tanks, but is about wire or the simulation of barbed wire or concertina wire.

So seeing some the the great barbed wire terrain that other have made I thought that I needed some myself for defenses or obstacles.

Here is my attempt to do such a thing.

First I cut a strip of fiberglass screen so that it looks like a strand of wire with barbs on it.

Next I cut a line of brass 28 gauge wire twice the length of the Fiberglass screen.

Now the hard part, fold the brass wire in half at the loop you then place the looped end into the chuck of a drill,

 Now holding one wire and the fiberglass screen strip together with your finger tips, and the second wire you want to keep separate in your other fingers,

Now gently squeeze the trigger on the drill and let the drill do the work of twisting the wires and screen strip all together.

Trim the ends and now you'll have a long strand of barbed wire to do as you wish! Or wrap it around a small rod for making concertina wire. You could string it between wood post as well. Place it on top of chain link fence. Cut in in smaller sections for battlefield debris.

Here I wrap it around a small wood dowel.

Now it's a matter of basing and painting.


  1. Nice technique and product!!

  2. Thanks, I can wait to get all of my work done and all together for a great zombie game, the plot is to game a zombie game from the military point of view, plus a group of survivors that will interact with the military.