Thursday, August 24, 2017

Projects Updates "MyTerrain" and "Barge Town"

You can say that I have a few pokers in the fire, okay a lot of pokers in the fire, building a gaming table, remodeling my gaming room and working on all the smaller gaming projects as well. Then there's all the day to day life stuff too.

So I have manage to find some time to work on a couple of my smaller projects, one being my drop in place cardboard terrain, I added the last few layers for the cave terrain to finish and covered it in RED tissue paper my working with other papers did not work so well I had to carefully peel them off and start over with the red tissue paper it sort of looks like so wild layer cake with frosting.

Welcome to the angry Red Cake?!

Okay so in some time I will be able to add the sand to it and paint it, I hope that is soon.

So here are some more pictures of it in addition picture for my "Barge Town" project as well

So I guess that is enough of the frosted cake so here are some pictures of my "Barge Town" so I am currently working on a "Fishing Boat" it is not much at the moment but it will shape up here soon.

Just the rough stuff here getting the general shape of things

Now here you can see the general size and shape of the fishing boat, you can see the lower cabin were the wife's hair ties are holding things together and the upper cabin or the pilot house it's still wide open at the moment and hope to work more on it later.

Well so far they are both a start, Thanks for stopping by and looking I hope to advance more on both very soon and start a new terrain piece, I'm really looking forward to a new cardboard terrain one that I have in mind and no  I am not giving any clues as to what it is.

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