Saturday, August 26, 2017

New "My Terrain" Piece

So I had some time and came up with a new piece for "My Terrain" project, the first two were the Cascading Oasis and The Cave Entrance, this piece is going to be "Volcanic Steam Vent" with a "Bubbling Mud Pool" it has taken me better then a day to layout and to cut out and glue everything to this point. It will take a few more hours to cover it in tissue, then things move faster from there covering it in sand then paint.

So enough about that here is the new piece.

Looking at it, it is about the same size as the others I have made so far.

Here the opposite side of the piece.

Closer look of one end.

A nice look at the natural stone bridge.

You can see in the next two pictures where the "Bubbling Mud Pool" is and could be a hazard to those who are not careful.

A overhead view you can see how one can move over and across it.

So now that is needed is to do as the other pieces cover in tissue, then sand and paint. I have other ideas of terrain pieces and will be moving on to make them just as soon as I can so keep an eye out for them.