Sunday, September 3, 2017

"My Terrain" Continues

"My Terrain" Project continues forward, as I work on "The Cave" piece.

Now I'm going to apologize in advance for some of the photos I just couldn't keep my hands still enough for some of them.

Okay so here at the beginning, cutting, gluing and stacking cardboard in layers.

Covering the piece in tissue paper "The Frosted Layer Cake" almost looks good enough to eat!?

So After letting the glue dry, coat with another layer of glue then cover with sand.

Hey! What's in there? Could be Cookies and Milk? Let's go see.

Primed with a cheap "Auto Primer Spray Paint" Less the Four Dollars a can.

Finial finish the painting of the piece, so I started with Acrylic "Oxidized Brown" as the main color, I also use Burgundy, Orange and Yellow. I picture the layering of rock and desert colors one would see in photos and a like and just kind of mimic the look mixing the paint as i go on the piece so the colors all blend in nice the when this is dried I highlight it with a "Desert Tan".

Here you can see a 15mm Figure

Here you can see the two piece that are done placed together, I can't wait to get others done.

As you can see they look pretty good there together, like I mentioned I can't wait to put more together, I have the "Volcanic Steam Vents and Bubbling Mud Pool" piece covered in tissue, sand and primed, just waiting for the "Finial" paint.

These terrain pieces only cost a couple of dollars each, and I have a few more planed, a couple of each of the following, groups of natural stone bridges, another will be different plateaus, a couple of others that may have not come to mind as of yet but are in my head somewhere "Oh" and I'm thinking of a larger "Volcano" piece, so keep watching. When this project is finished I will post pictures of all the pieces on the table all at one time!

I really hope this inspired many of you out there to make builds similar to this and post them as well.


  1. Simple but effective. Nicely done sir!

    1. Thank You, I just wanted to make some terrain other then some to go around or break line of sight.

  2. Hello again WM
    Good job 😎😎😎 well done.

    I was thinking that if the peices are made out of 'O's , the hills will be lighter. The hills can also be designed to fit into each other to save space. Think plastic cones used for road works.