Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Piece Added to "My Terrain"

Okay so a new experiment using Elmer's Clear School Glue for water effects, Okay I saw what someone had done on Google Plus, so I figured I'll give it a whirl, turns out this stuff really works for small projects or small areas, so you don't have to worry about mixing resins and figuring out how much to use or how much your going to end up wasting. So just go slow applying to reduce the amount of air bubbles.

Here you can see my lovely assistant's (aka Wife's) handy work after applying the Clear Glue in a velvety smooth finish. The glue is about an eighth of an inch thick (roughly 3mm)

Apply it like you would any other resin any small areas you may have to brush on and small bubbles you will have to herd them to the edge and work them up and out, you can't just pop them with a toothpick or a pin they just will not do that, no matter how much coaching or cursing you do.

The next few photos are of the new "My Terrain" piece.

So here is the "Volcanic Steam Vents with Bubbling Mud Pool" okay so the mud pool isn't so bubbly, but it sure look totally HOT!

All three pieces on a section of packing paper to give it the desert sand look.

Here so you can see scale wise, Three figures in the middle

So these three guys look so out of place here

And here.

The best thing is these pieces look so darn great on the table now and I have more to come!

Okay again these are looking really great and yes I have more planned, the best of this so far is finding the Clear Glue! for the water effects, now my Lovely Assistant wants me to build Jungle terrain with more water effect. So like any good Husband who in charge of the household and gaming I told her "Yes, Dear." Why not I have the Best of both world a great wife who encourages me to build gaming terrain


  1. Looks good WM,
    I think it would look good if spread on a base of wrinkled cellophane to create waves etc.

    One question though,[I use normal white woodworking glue which dries almost clear but sometimes becomes tacky again if it comes into contact with water] Since the stuff you are using is washable would it be susceptible to high humidity etc

    Thanks for posting

  2. @Zrune - If I were that worried about humidity, I'd probably cover the glue with a gloss varnish.

    @Doug - that's awesome! Glad you found a use for the Clear Glue as well. I'm testing clear silicone caulk too... it comes out white, but everyone swears it dries/cures clear. I'll keep you posted!

    I love that desert terrain, BTW, those little areas remind me of moki-holes in the Utah desert where water collects. Some of these holes were used by indigenous North American tribes for hundreds of years.

    1. Thanks.

      Let me know about the caulk, I have plans for a waterfall. I'm sure your results will help, other wise I will have to use fishing line and glue, and that takes some time fiddling with it all.

  3. I don't know yet with the humidity, if it will effect it.

    If it does I can coat it with water base polycrylic from
    Minwax, water base polycrylic dries crystal clear.