Friday, May 25, 2018


Well I'm getting back behind the wheel again.

Had to take some time away, no matter what you are doing life seems to find away to run some monkey interferences; 
  • Sister had to move in so I lost My Game Room and life adjustments
  • My  Son-in-Law, a very good man passed away due to health issues.
  • Plus I myself have been in and out of the Hospital getting my own health under control.
  • I'm on leave from work with out pay due to health reasons. Thankful I have a small retirement coming in.
 Which gives me more time to be on here now!

So I'm starting to work on a new project. Thanks to "War in a Box" blog and his fantasy gaming in 15mm, I to will be starting a fantasy game which will be involving PIRATES!!

I grabbed a handful of pirates from Rebel Minis and his rule book "And a Bottle of Rum", to which I will be running as an RPG game I'm adding some enchanted items Some I'm making up and others I will barrow from other games.

I will be working on my other project that I have already post on here as well hopefully they will mostly tie all in together.

Thank You all for hanging in there with me during this time of absence.


  1. Welcome back! I look forward to see what you come up with.

    1. Thank You, I'm plan on constructing a couple of pirate ships to start then a sailing port.