Friday, July 27, 2018

Welcome to Downtown (Update)

On an earlier post about HO Scale buildings, mostly about Plasticville HO Scale Buildings, I was cruising the local Goodwill Store when I spied a box of Guidancetown Building Set in HO Scale for only $5.00, figuring for $5.00 I couldn't go wrong getting these, if it doesn't work no big lost.

I got the box home and dived right in, seems that there is some parts missing but that's okay I could make 11 buildings and set up a small town, I don't like the style of the buildings but for the moment that's fine, it does confirm that HO Scale will work for my gaming needs and I can move forward with my ideas.

I have taken some comparison pictures of 15mm figures along with the buildings.

Here is a little layout of a small town on a cutting mat that's 24 inches by 35 inches.

Here is a small Diner or Convenience Store.

Here is a small House.

Here I have one that could be a small Store of sorts.

I really like the way this Figures look in comparison to the build's scale and I can't wait to get ahold of some more HO Scale buildings, I plan to have a fair size town for running Zombie games or Alien Invasion game not to forget giant Insect games as well. In addition I will get addition buildings to create  a Post Apocalyptic environment as well.


  1. All those for $5, what a score. Maybe just give them a wash to dirty them up?

  2. Long live Plasticville! It's a shame that I started a similar project in 28 millimeters. It just takes too much space!