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Stargate Pleiades

Stargate Pleiades (The South America Background)

Okay so taking the whole "Stargate" Universe into account is how I plan to tie it all together.

The Ancients, launched a ship ( a Seed Ship and a Follow Ship) to seed Stargates across different Galaxies (Stargate Universe) to escape the "Wraith" and the "Replicators" (Stargate Atlantis).

Landing a Stargate on Earth and moving on to other planets in this Galaxy system planting yet more  Stargates (SG-1),

From Earth the Ancient launch another Seed Ship and a Follow Up Ship to seed (Stargate Universe)another Galaxy to escape the Goa'uld, to the Constellation system "Pleiades"

The "Seed Ship" continues to move along planting Stargates, the "Follow Up Ship" has a mishap and crash lands on a very hot steamy jungle planet. The section of the ship to which contains the Stargate has broken off and is lost somewhat to the jungle and never found, the rest of the ship is found by a not so primitive alien species "Predators". Slowly they started finding out some of the "Ancients" Tech Secrets and started moving their race forward.

Now move forward some 10,000 years or more and the "Predators" have moved on from this little world to establish "New Home Worlds" separate "Worlds" this one has just became to small for the two different clans and needs, it became just a small out of the way planet that use to use as a "Hunting Preserve" to which Humans were transported to for the "First Hunt" for very young "Predators" from time to time. As time pass this planet became just more of an out of the way place until it was just a small totally forgotten world.

Over time those Humans that survived the hunts by escaping, formed into small groups and have made this place their home. Having found the "Lost" Stargate and have moved it and the DHD ( Dial Home Device) to a central place of worship in an abandon underground city of the former occupants the "Predators"

There are two Clans of Predators each with a similar cast system, Low, Middle and the Higher cast, the Higher cast are the ones that are allowed to use ships to hunt on other worlds, the middle cast hunt on preserves and the lower cast hunt in arena settings, many are born into their cast but there are opportunities to move up in the cast system by being a better hunter. The two Clans are at odds with each other each, competing for better hunting grounds and more dangerous Prey. Just adding another reason why they have moved off this small planet

Over the past the "Predators" used humans as two things, slave labor to build their massive cities and for hunting by selecting promising humans, training them with skills and releasing them into the arenas for the hunt for the lower cast. A very few promising humans are pick for the "Hunting Preserve Worlds" from the slave labor force. Most humans that are hunted on the Hunting Preserve Worlds at taken from Earth.

Soon after the Stargate team arrives, They find themselves scouting out the underground complexes to which they make it their base camp finding hieroglyphs, drawings and other writings. As they ventured out from the underground complex, they soon discover the human inhabitants of this new world. Then they find the real threat "Predators"!

Now how do I do all this, to tie the Predators into this, if you would notice in all the Predator movies they all have some sort of tie to Central America, and because I can.
  • Predator 1: Central America.
  • Predator 2: Colombian Drug Lords and other elements from Central America and the Caribbean  Islands,  plus the ship interior had some Central American influences. 
  • Alien Vs Predator: The structure found under the ice in the Antarctic looked very much like Mayan Temple.
  • Alien Vs Predator Requiem: The world to which the Predator clean up guy for lack of a better description, the location to which he launched is ship the background structures look like Mayan influences were involved.
  • Then there is all the Fan Art that shows lots of Mayan Structures.
  • Pleiades played a vey important roll in Mayan culture. 

Now to tie it into Stargate. It's a weak link but it's works, it's the Ships.

Don't the Predators out riggings on their ships, look a little like the Puddle Jumper's?

Maybe a little different in design and paint but the connection works for me. If one were to find some advance technology wouldn't they try to build it, and wouldn't it come out different from the original for one would have to build it with the materials that they have and with their comfort and needs I mind.

Now moving on to this new project.

Okay now, I have all the figures that I would need in 15mm range. I have Predators from Khurasan Miniatures and Xenomorphs (Aliens) as well. I have the Non-Stargate Team from GZG (Ground Zero Games) plus I have Marines from Peter Pig's Miniatures.

All I need now is some Aztec or Mayan figure which I can use in My Pirate Games as well, add some other figures for additional adventures, I  will have to build some Temple terrain and Jungle Terrain to which I have scores of ideas. If a keep the terrain generic I will be able to use it in other games as well Pulp Adventures, Pirates Adventures, Fantasy Adventures and other Sci-Fi games as well.

So I'm looking forward to this project, I will be working on my other projects "Barge Town", "My Terrain" and "My Pirate Game".

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