Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Welcome to Downtown

After some research online that is, I found out that HO Scale Buildings may work fairly well with 15mm figures in addition they can be inexpensive, then there are some that are really pricy too pricy for what I want to do. Plus there are loads of them on eBay and Amazon. Now of course I will dig into this further to insure they will work with 15mm! plus all the accessories as well. I will Post my findings as we go.

My intent if everything works out well, is to collect as much as I need, I'm going to start with a lot of Downtown stuff. I'm going to look at some of the Plasticville range of buildings. there are a lot of them and they are rather small in foot print size for the table, they are rather cheap as well you can get many of them between $5 and $25. Plus with some paint and additional details they should work just fine. Now I have seen where the "O" scale Plasticville building work rather nicely with 28mm.

  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Supermarket
  • Hardware/Pharmacy
  • 5 & Dime Store
  • Post Office
  • Burger Joint
  • Ice Cream shop
  • Bank with Drivethru
  • City Hall
  • Church
  • Gas Station
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Men's Store
  • Hobby and Toy Store
  • Hospital
  • Dry Goods Store
  • Ladies Store
  • Theater 
  • Restaurant
  • Car Dealership
Which from this list will make for a great downtown! My understanding is there maybe a couple of other buildings for a downtown area that I did not listed but I'm still looking into it more as to which ones they may be.

Now there are other buildings to make this town even bigger from the Plasticville range as well. You have to have a place for all your town folk to live in. You can see the houses below in the first row the school house and gas station in the back.

  • Factory Building
  • Split Level Home
  • Cape Cod Home
  • Ranch Style home
  • Contemporary Home
  • Two Story Home
  • House Under Construction 
  • Smaller Church
  • Motel with Pool
  • Barn with Silo
  • Farm Outbuildings
I also have the intention of looking at other Ho Scale Buildings as well,  for Main Street two story flat roof type of buildings to have a place for survivors to be able to retreat too or view the horror from as well.

There is a lot of options for buildings in the HO Scale range, that I think will work for 15mm figures, and the cost for many is very low and seems they would fill a table rather well that would give any game a lot to work with. You can also buy doubles, one for an intact building and with some work it's double as a damaged or destroyed building. 

I'm looking forward to using them if things work out well in Zombie games, Pulp Adventures, Alien Invasions, fighting Giant Bug Infestations, Post Apocalypse Scenarios and even AVP (Alien vs Predator) and with a variety of building it will give your Player Characters Goals and Objectives to strive for or places to run from or run too, YES RUN VERY FAST!

Yes the Objectives can be fuel tanks or power stations, You have to have a power station! How else are you going to electrocute the Aliens or the Giant Bugs! Radio Station so one could warn the people of their pending DOOM!  A Trailer Park for Alien Invasions or where the crazy guy who lives there trying to warn you and others! Oh yes the possibilities are endless. 

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