Sunday, May 19, 2013

Companion Robots

Starting a new character that I haven't tried before for Traveller, Companion Robots the idea came to me from Eerie Magazine
Eerie 72 - War - Strong - Robbot - Man - Knife

Eerie 73


I remember reading the Hunter and Hunter II series back when I was younger, and how they would just make it out of almost any situation by the skin of their teeth.

Going to make the character using help from Travellers black book "Robots" now the robots to use will be from Mega Minis "Small War-bots"  they say there 20mm tall and that should work for my project. I have just ordered two sets before they close shop June 1st. and they should be here any day now.

 plus I want to use Khurasan Miniatures  police/security robots part number TTC-3005 they just have that  look to me that would work well.

I feel this project will work well for campaign games for when a player loses a character they still stay in the game as their companion robot that was with that character, plus if it really looks bad send the robot in first!
Each robot will be able to select the weapon they will need by the appropriate tech level weapon laws just like the regular characters, and have their own attitudes, just like a regular character and act as a regular crew member, plus they save on crew pay and additional supplies and can be pack mules for when these guys are not around to do such

These are from GZG  under 2mm Germy's micro minis. I have seen them on another site where they are used as pack mules and mobile power units, they would be great for your planet safari adventures.

I will work it up and play test it a few times and post my results.

Update 5/24/2013 here's the link for Germy's AT-ATs as mobile power units


  1. The idea of a companion robot is pretty cool. I wasn't aware how big the Germy 'droids are (I think they're like AT-ATs in 2mm). has a number of R2D2-like droids in their HOF range which could be worth a look as well and there are a couple of nice droids in the RAFM Support Staff pack

  2. Germy's AT-ATs used for other means have to scroll down abite there's a coin next to it to give idea of size, over allI wanted to use something taller then R2-D2 size robots but they will work as well just thought it would be too much like Star Wars myself but would I would use them as service robots