Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dropship Anyone?

You too can build a ship for your crew or for war gaming needs like the one below

This is the "Hercules" Dropship from a C.A.V. fan at you can read his full article there. PDF downloads for the templates and instructions needed to make your own Dropship are FREE! I downloaded my set, and will be posting my results when I can.

All you need then is foam core board, card stock, odds and ends and your imagination.

Deploy your mechs, troops  or heavy equipment

Photo above is a rough draft of first ship he made.

As you can tell from the size of the Mechs from the photo, this would be great for your 15mm crew for your Traveller adventures or dropping your Imerial Marines in, or just which ever RPG game you're playing

It has room for improvement here is the basic finish model below

Now by adding odds and ends you can improve it to this kind of scale

Now get out there and explore your world from the comfort of your own ship.

UPDATE: as of 1/26/15 the link above is dead for the site for this project is down and no one knows if the site will come back up.

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