Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dropship Build

Well I have printed off a few sets of templates and the instructions for this dropship project I have the foamboard as well. My plan is to first make the basic dropship, but I want to modify it a little, to a larger Cargo ship for my Traveller Crew, so in order to do this like I had said I need to construct the basic one first. I want to make it longer, taller and wider, the lower cargo area I feel can be deck out and I'm hoping that I can make the top lift off to reveal an upper deck layout as well.

The original model is said to be 2 feet long! that fairly big for 15mm

Of course the first ship built will not go to waste it will be a combat dropship for My Imperial Marines, plus I'm thinking of building a third one as a crashed site table piece.

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